“Babe, you are looking much younger these days ” yeah, that never really fails to serve as a good compliment to every one of us especially when we reach a certain age and the insatiable desire to be “young again” sets in. We most often than not grace such compliments with a soft smile, maybe a light chuckle, coupled with “really”? You don’t mean it! “. We engage in various activities to defy aging, it’s not being obsessive, we just prefer our smooth skin without the constant threat of being completely taken over by the creeping lines of wrinkles.
The beautiful thing about seeking an appearance that makes it look like you probably swam in the fountain of youth is the healthy lifestyle needed to be inculcated in other to achieve this appearance and sustain it; like eating healthy which also has other benefits asides from giving a youthful glow. Hence, it’s not only about the looks but the good health inherent from such measures also. There are simple ways to go about this which I would like to share. After all, the world would be a better place without having to listen to the constant nagging about the cruelty of Mr. “aging” from those dear to us, no?


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For many people, one of the perks of living a healthy lifestyle is looking younger than their years. Such healthy habits include:
Take plenty of water: it has been discovered that dehydration no matter how little reduces the efficiency of body functions which takes a toll on the skin and makes it appear dull, flaky, saggy and loose.
Take foods with healthy properties: our diet should include fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Foods with antioxidants such as blueberries, spinach, nuts, purple grape, dark chocolate (70% or more of cocoa), organic green tea, also play a vital role because they reduce damage to the body and inflammation which is the leading cause of wrinkles. Highly processed foods should be avoided.
Avoid sugar: sugar damages collagen and elastin, causing wrinkles
Regular exercises: exercises allow better circulation of blood and release body toxins through sweat, and a body free of toxins gives a clearer and firmer skin. Smiling for the face is also key, being the easiest exercise.
Avoid smoking and drink in moderation.

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: It is true that vitamin D is beneficial but too much causes damages to the body. Hence, we should try our best to stay out of the sun, wear sunglasses when outdoors and use zinc or titanium dioxide sunscreens.
3.USE NATURAL SKIN PRODUCTS: Natural skin products are more advisable in order to reduce the amount of exposure of the skin to toxic chemicals. Also, before purchasing our moisturizers and makeup we should endeavour to check their ingredients and ensure that they are safe.
4.CLEANSE THE BODY: A lot of factors are responsible for the buildup of toxins in the body, especially the air, food and water we consume which causes damage to the body and aging. Detoxifying the body is thereby essential to enable the body focus on energy production activities and elimination of toxins, this can be achieved by juice cleanse or an early morning glass of water with squeezed lemon.

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5. GOOD AND QUALITY SLEEP: sleep enables skin rejuvenation, it would be highly beneficial for us if we try to not only sleep for 8hours at night but also make it a very quality one.

If you are hoping to spruce up a dull yard and are looking for thoughts, here is one that is a champ without fail. A garden isn’t just lovely yet can be an unwinding spot to loosen up from a frenzied day. Feng Shui and Bonsai garden takes the components found in nature and masterminds them to mirror a sort of reality, while the western garden creators utilize these same components, they by and large bend them into shapes that are unnatural. Landscaping is artistic craftsmanship including of living sculptures that change with the seasons and develops over the years. It is a professional study dedicated to creating an environment that includes arts, science, geometry, imagination and innovation. In another word, a piece of art in your yard to please your heart and soul. It’s not just an outdoor activity with plants, shrubs, and trees. In this way, finishing isn’t a basic and simple errand and, in the meantime. One must not disregard the idea that a decent landscape additionally builds the estimation of your property.

fengsui lantern in a garden

Bring positive energy to your home

How about creating a corner of your garden or home to express harmony and peace by blending ancient forms? Feng Shui and bonsai. Feng Shui is Chinese practice which is believed to use the Laws of both Heaven and earth to enable one to enhance life by getting positive energy. Feng Shui actually signifies “wind and water,” yet this is only shorthand for an environment strategy of hindering the wind and accumulating the waters. The components, water, fog, wind, and sun believed to be the vitality of heaven and earth. Hence, Feng Shui is commonly known as the energy flow. These days schools teach Feng Shui and show that it is the act of arranging objects, such as the arrangement of furniture to help individuals to achieve harmony with their home. By controlling our condition in our environment, we can control the electromagnetic energies that encompass us. Contemplating all that, the birth of bonsai can be traced in the traditional Chinese gardens more than two thousand years ago. These formations of precisely pruned trees are a small rendering of the natural landscape. They are mentioned as living sculptures or as three-dimensional verse. Chinese patio was made similarly as a mix of landscape and portrait together. This is also known as a romantic garden. The Chinese gardens were to give a profound ideal world to connect with nature, to return to one’s internally, to return to old optimism. Mixing two cultures, Feng Shui, and bonsai we can make an exceptional antiquated corner of our garden to ease from the frustration from the modern world.

The charm of including bonsai into the Feng Shui condition is that it offers something exceptionally down to earth and one of a kind. However, several trees work best with specific styles and can be put in the right location according to the energy flow of the place. Every area and condition are diverse too for every bonsai and must be considered while choosing where to put your Bonsai Tree. Follow Bonsai Empire to keep updated with latest bonsai how-to-do.

What does your plant selection do to your surrounding?


Numerous garden plants have a key symbol. Pine trees symbolise wisdom and bamboo express righteousness and strength. Plum trees are much valued by the Chinese for their pink and white blossoms through winter. Combining Feng Shui and Bonsai in a side of your garden or home, you can create an extraordinary place to relax and live more harmoniously with nature. Maintain Me, a reputed landscape designer is popular for creating innovating theme, and turning even a small yard into a beautiful landscape design with feng shui, rocks and dangling pots.
Sometime before sustainability was a thing, Feng Shui allowed people to benefit as much as possible from each rare resource accessible to them. Some would claim that Feng Shui might be the first strategy for building a sustainable home. As mentioned, a large number of the techniques of Feng Shui are similarly as significant today as they have ever been. Feng Shui has taught people how a home should be constructed and laid out to be peaceful of the surrounding area and positive energy. For example, a home must have a hill behind it, and components like front should have a reasonable perspective of the roadway, waterway, and trees alongside for stability. Having such a site design has been improved to mean good fortunes, it enabled the occupant to rest soundly in the back of the home.
Landscaping is a critical piece of Feng Shui and must be used in a modern home building. A deciduous tree can be grown around the home to make necessary shade throughout the summer and more sunshine in the winter when the leaves have fallen, extending significantly more energy. Feng Shui comprehends sustainability, particularly while considering how it was developed to benefit as much as possible from the land when sources were rare and limited technology.


landscape design of a house

Landscape designing term, “focal points” make the viewer’s point to a selected area. Such ” focalization” gives an outline a sense of reason and motive, without that a landscape is only a useless collection of plants and an empty yard. It’ll either plants, craftsmanship or decorating yard can be utilised to serve this purpose.
Accomplishing focalization on an uncluttered garden is easy. Just decorate it with a Feng Shui and Bonsai, so it automatically assumes the focal-point status. Simply hire Feng Shui and a Bonsai expert to complete your landscape with a guarantee that it is sufficiently extensive to be acknowledged by others. Read more about bonsai’s growing popularity amongst the new generation.

A focal point can likewise be utilised to highlight a specific area of your landscaping. For instance, you may wish to feature the proposed entrance access to your garden with a garden arbour, under which guests can pass. The presence of such set up makes it unlikely that guests will enter the garden where you don’t need them to, for example, through an area where you have little, delicate plants growing.